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credo electronic brake controller for trailers

Australian Law

  • The trailer braking can be progressively increased and decreased by means of a control signal from the tow vehicle (ADR38 and VIB6).
  • Trailers of over 2000kg GTM must be equipped with an efficient Emergency Brake (breakaway) System (ADR38 and VIB6).
  • That there is a means by which the breakaway energy source is kept in a fully energized condition (VIB6).
  • That there is a means to warn the driver, from their normal driving position, if the battery used to operate the breakaway system drops to a level not able to hold the trailer brakes on for 15 minutes (VIB6).
  • That the trailer brakes can be applied from the driver’s seated position (VIB6).
  • That the in-cab controller has a brake over-ride device (VIB6).


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